We spend a lot of time trying to differentiate the Sales Process and Social Media Marketing. Yet, as a “seller by nature” I can’t help but wonder, “Are the two really all that different?” Consider that everyone sells at one point of their life. Wait, don’t disregard my bold statement just yet. Albeit, the child who wants a new shiny toy or the man pawning for the attention of his dream woman, even the woman who is justifying her reasoning behind the impulsive purchase of the coveted Chis Louboutins. We have all sold something, an idea, desire, or product.

Why is it that we all sell something, though? It is actually human nature! It’s human nature to want and desire something and to defend that same want and desire. Chances are you sold something to yourself just a few hours ago. I know I did…. those darn chocolate bars that taunt me at every cash register in America…. grrrr- I digress!  Well, let me ask you this Ms or Mr. Rainmaker, how could you sell to yourself or anyone else, if you weren’t “social” or if you didn’t have a clear understanding of human reasoning and interactions? By definition the term “social” means of or relating to society or its organization. Also, Ms. or Mr. Auto Dealer, let me ask you this- “How profitable is your most anti-social salesperson?” I’m pretty certain that they aren’t too successful now are they?

I’m not saying that you have to be the social butterfly on the lot in order to be successful. Let’s make that point clear. What I am saying is that if you feel intimidated by social media or sales- you need not be simply because in many ways- it’s one in the same. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Sales Process



Step 1: Establishing a Relationship- better known in the sales industry as prospecting. Well in social we consider it connecting with the public. You do the same thing in two different arenas. In both, one would need to extend the proverbial olive branch to an individual and make a personal connection in which would draw in said individual. Well in social we do so by common likes and interests.

Step 2: Fact Finding-Pretty simple concept, it’s where you find what the sore point an individual has. What are their wants and needs? Well in social, the fact finding is done through “listening” as conventional teachings would suggest. I like to call this observing– because, IDK about you but I don’t see my screen through my ears. LOL

Step 3: Finding a solution- when one is trying to find a solution, exactly what are you doing? Trying to help, right? Social is a great tool to help the masses because of it’s amplifying capabilities. So go on and interact with your public and share the ways you can help them.

Step 4: Close and Deliver- we can all agree this is the most exciting part of the sales process, yes? On social media this step is when we nurture our relationship. At this point you have built such a level of trust that you won’t come off as the ultimate creeper by suggesting your new found friend comes into your store.

Step 5: Requesting Referrals-any rainmaker such as yourself, knows that no sale is complete without getting a referral or an endorsement of some sort from your new owner. What if I told you that through social media- your new client does not even need to think about who is in the market to buy and then fumble through their phone contact lists to get you numbers to a handful of prospects? All they have to do is hit like, share, comment, retweet, or +1 on ANY piece of content on your social media platforms and they would mass endorse you to all of their hundreds if not thousands of friends. Being shared is by far the easiest way of getting referrals.

If adding together COINS make dollars, it behooves you to consider that if “it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”. Social Media Marketing is not here to baffle you, scare you, or to confuse you. Remove all concept of technology and approach your fans as you would your prospects. I highly doubt that you pressure or bully your prospects into buying from you in the showroom. The same goes for social. There is no need to feel as if you need to do anything different than what a proper rainmaker would do in the show room. You don’t push your coupons down your new clients’ throat as soon as they walk through your door. You most likely welcome them with a big smile, ask them what brought them in today, show them what you have and remove any sense of pressure- right? I know, I know you give them that sense of urgency because you- as such a great friend to them- would hate to see them miss an opportunity.

So my dear rainmaker, keep treating your clients aka your friends aka your fans with the utmost care. No need to shake in your shirt-stays because the prevalent phrase for how brands interact with fans and followers has Marketing in it. The preface of the the phrase is Social, so go on and let’s be social. As soon as we understand that the sales model has now reached version 2.0 the easier it will be to close. As always have fun with it!