Lower your inhibitions- Turn up that Luther Vandross, open that bottle of Glenlivet that just turned the legal drinking age, and let your mind wonder into a sea of passion.Love, work


K.I.S.S Your Work- Ever heard of less is more and more is less? It’s pretty basic, when it comes to your work. “Keep It Simple Stupid!” Sometimes we get caught up in flowering and dolling up our work that we just end up ruining it.


Make it last through conversing– as crazy as this sounds talk with your work. Be your own devil’s advocate and then go on to defend it. You will find the weaker points when you take your self and pride out of the equation.


Go Ask Abby– When the going gets tough and you can’t seem to get out of a rut, Go Ask Abby! Phone your Dear Abby, because you know they think outside of the box even when it comes to the most in the box types of question. You know who I write of! That friend who would ask you “Do boogers have sodium”, and you are left like “ummm- wait….WTF?!?”  We all have one. Call and let them talk about anything and everything- EXCEPT WORK!


Take long walks on the beach- Ok, I get it; you may or may not have a beach nearby! Why so literal?!? Sheesh! What I mean is shut everything down, get up, and get out. Go for a long walk (wherever) and reflect on that first time you picked up a pen/drawing pad, became intrigued by an ad, or made your first sale. Now feel that, are you feeling it? Feel that sense of fulfillment and pure joy, which is almost tangible. When the world was right and your mind could do you no wrong.  Hold it, savor it, and replay it over and over again until you get home.


We often forget or do not realize that our work is a HUGE relationship in our lives. More often than not, people would dare not compare their work to a romantic relationship; either for fear of being looked at as a workaholic Ice Queen or because their heart is simply not in it. However, your work is just as important as almost any relationship in your life. It consumes the majority of your days and after years of doing the same deed in the same field, the precious stone created under so much pressure may lose it’s luster. It’s important for you to reignite the passion in your work, as it will reflect tremendously in the quality of your work.


What have you done to ensure you keep the love in your work continuing to burn through the midnight oil?