Science and Social Media: Get Seductive from KPA –

Learn to attract your audience with strong content creation.

Everyone is looking for the proverbial secret formula to viral content creation. Considering that none has been found, we will be breaking down best practices for social media content creation to the molecular level. So let’s kick the “secret formula” to the curb and say hello to seducing your audience!
Get ready to GEEK OUT WITH YOUR BEAK OUT! As we explore the following:

  • Psych-Babble It
    • The Brain- what parts of the brain are triggered to engage with certain content
    • The Laws of Human Behavior on Social Media
    • Social Media a new aged addiction
  • Insider Secrets to making BOMB content
    • Be where your audience is
    • Talk with NOT TO your audience
    • When to post so that you are not wasting time and money

Remember to get on twitter @Arlene_Pena and @DigiGo with any questions throughout the webinar for live answers.