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Me Gusta- Facebook


With the Hispanic community growing at rampant speed on Facebook, the dominating social media platform has decided to  add three language preferences to its ad US-Hispanics-by-language-on-Facebook-DK-Web-Consulting2manager tool. Now brands can target Latinos by language preference: Spanish-dominant, bilingual, and English-dominant.The new language preferences are an extension of the hardcore efforts to touch the Latino market that Facebook introduced last year, and they are currently available to marketers.

Back in November of 2013, they introduced the U.S. Hispanic affinity segment,spearheaded by Christian Martinez,  Head of Sales U.S. Hispanic at Facebook. The segment has since given marketers the ability to reach more than 23 million people in the states who are interested in Latino content. It has never been easier for advertisers with Latino marketing efforts! We are now capable of delivering better content that resonates with our audiences because delivery is now being done  in the languages that matters to our fans.

Facebook further announced their findings these new efforts can help marketers create more effective campaigns. By working with a national CPG (consumer packaged goods) brand, they tested three Spanish and three English posts against each language segment over a six-week period. The company was able to reach 2.8 million women between the ages of 25 and 49, delivering 99 percent of impressions on mobile. Compared to its general marketing efforts, the Spanish-dominant and bilingual targets helped the company see up to 40 percent increases in engagement!

As of yesterday, the language-based targeting segments have been made available to U.S. marketers via Facebooks ads interfaces and API.

To try them out, look under More Demographics → Ethnic Affinity. Then select your segment!


FB Reviews: Businesses Beware


It is no secret that Facebook’s star ratings review feature was a big hit for businesses everywhere. It is also no secret that Facebook really wants users to engage with this fairly new feature. So much so, that they have included a description on how to use it- for all non-techy users. However, with all great features come great responsibilities. Before you go balls to the wall on hounding your clients for Facebook Reviews or leave the feature turned on, there are a few things your team must take into account.

How is your business FanPage rated?

A FanPage’s star rating is the average of all star ratings that your page has received.  Your team should also consider that when a user leaves a star rating or writes a review, they can also select an audience. For example, if they leave a star rating and select Friends as the audience, only their friends who visit the Page can see their rating. Don’t worry, most user’s don’t realize that or are too rushed to be selective.  Each star rating is included in the Page’s overall rating regardless of the audience that’s selected. You can see the breakdown (ex. how many 5 stars you have vs 1 stars) of your page’s star ratings by going to your page and hovering over the stars below the name.



Can you reply to every review?

Unfortunately no. Depending on the customer’s/fan’s privacy settings- business FanPages may or may not be able to reply to reviews. This can be extremely bad and dangerous in the event that your business page has let’s say 2 reviews. One of which is extremely positive and the user has public settings,


and one of which is extremely negative and the user has private settings turned on. Let’s say that you reply thanking the positive review and can not reply to the negative review due to the settings. Well any other fans that see this may feel that you are ignoring your negative review, because let’s face it, the average Facebook user does not know all these nuances of the feature.



Can you remove or delete a review?

Again no. Facebook allows you to FLAG the review because you “don’t like it” but I personally have yet to see any fruits come out of the labor of reporting the reviews you can not reply to.

How do I get the Star Rating Feature?

  1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page
  2. Select Update Page Info
  3. Click Address
  4. Click to check the box next to Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page
  5. Click Save Changes

How do you remove this feature?

  1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page
  2. Select Update Page Info
  3. Click Address
  4. Click to uncheck the box next to Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page
  5. Click Save Changes

Now it’s time to make big boy/girl decisions. Are Facebook Star Ratings something your business should have?

Tag…Keep It REAL You’re IT!

When Facebook announced on February 24,2014, that now pages can tag other pages businesses became antsy to go on a tagging frenzy.  What seemingly is an extremely powerful tool, can also be the downward spiral to your brand’s demise. You see, those coveted users who can now so effectively interact with your brand, can and will also be turned off by your brand. So, how does one leverage this new tool while still maintaining your integrity?


1)   Reason- Always have a reason for tagging, and no not only because you want to pouch the other page’s fan. Have you done an event with that other business? Do you both believe in a certain mission or cause? Make sure if you tag you have a reason.

2)   Evaluate- Take a step back and look at whom you are tagging. What’s their fanbase like, do they engage, etc.

3)   Abstain- I understand you are excited about the new tool, so am I. However let’s abstain from jumping on the tagging happy trend. When you do tag, do it strategically.

4)   Local- I say stay local loosely. Ideally you would like to tag local fanpages because their fans can very well be your fans too. However, there is a great advantage to tagging by targeting fanpages that are inline with your mission even if they aren’t up the block from you.


In this fun game of tag, always remember to keep it REAL. If you are it, you are it! By keeping true to your fans, your mission, and above all else your brand- all parties involved will have a great time.