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To outsource or not outsource: JayVig & AP

I had the pleasure and honor of shooting the s#!t with Jason Viglione, CEO of JayVig Media! This started as just a simple video talking about whether or not businesses should outsource their social media marketing efforts. However, nothing is “simple” when you have a Jersey boy & girl conversing about something they are passionate about. A 5 minute dialogue ended up being a 20+minute convo. No worries Jason chopped it up so it’s easy to digest!


Don’t forget to check out Jason’s blog- CLICK HERE!

When-Then: Dealing with Reputation Crises on Social Media

When it comes to your business and you and your team’s  livelihood; you never want to find yourself paddling up S#!ts Creek with no paddle. So let’s adopt a when-then attitude. When something happens, then you will do this. In order to keep your brand safe you must already have your exit strategy mapped out regardless of what comes your way-good, bad, or indifferent.

Here is a chart to keep with you so whenever there is a 5 alarmer and your brand is at the epicenter you can make sure the fire is knocked out quickly! LOL



Tactical Teams (Tact Teams) should comprise of lead decision makers of your organization. (Example: Owners, General Managers, Internet Marketing Consultants, etc)

Tag…Keep It REAL You’re IT!

When Facebook announced on February 24,2014, that now pages can tag other pages businesses became antsy to go on a tagging frenzy.  What seemingly is an extremely powerful tool, can also be the downward spiral to your brand’s demise. You see, those coveted users who can now so effectively interact with your brand, can and will also be turned off by your brand. So, how does one leverage this new tool while still maintaining your integrity?


1)   Reason- Always have a reason for tagging, and no not only because you want to pouch the other page’s fan. Have you done an event with that other business? Do you both believe in a certain mission or cause? Make sure if you tag you have a reason.

2)   Evaluate- Take a step back and look at whom you are tagging. What’s their fanbase like, do they engage, etc.

3)   Abstain- I understand you are excited about the new tool, so am I. However let’s abstain from jumping on the tagging happy trend. When you do tag, do it strategically.

4)   Local- I say stay local loosely. Ideally you would like to tag local fanpages because their fans can very well be your fans too. However, there is a great advantage to tagging by targeting fanpages that are inline with your mission even if they aren’t up the block from you.


In this fun game of tag, always remember to keep it REAL. If you are it, you are it! By keeping true to your fans, your mission, and above all else your brand- all parties involved will have a great time.