Hi there, and thank you very much for checking out my page!

It’s only fair that since you’ve taken the time to click on the “About” tab; I tell you a bit about myself.

Let’s see, I graduated Perth Amboy High School a ways back with a track record of being a natural born leader. Class President 3 out of my 4 years, along with a laundry list of accolades and leadership positions. After delivering the Reflection Speech, following Our Valedictorian and Salutatorian I was given a memorable compliment….”You had the lowest GPA out of the 3 students presenting speeches- and yours was by far THE ABSOLUTE BEST!” LOL I guess this has a whole lot to do with the fact that I have no filter! You’ve reached this point and are probably thinking, “I could almost hear her talking to me.” My biggest fault when writing is that I am “conversational” at least according to my professors. Which brings me to my next milestone.

Oh St. John’s University, my dear alma mater. It is where I discovered myself some of which had alot to do with that Discover New York course everyone dreaded and I adored. I became a founding sister of the Delta Kappa Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Incorporated, made lifetime friends, and unforgettable memories.

You may be now wondering, “WTH, does this have to do with what I will learn from you”. Well, while my peers were partying it up, I had my head to the ground learning everything I could. For the past 12 years I have learned the true importance of being street AND book smart. I have worked with an array of businesses from Non-Profits to Private and Public Businesses on fine tuning their Digital Marketing efforts. I have created custom strategies and helped many understand their “ROI”. I’ve worked in sales, traditional marketing, and digital marketing.  I do not dare consider myself an expert in my field. I feel that until one has reached the proverbial glass ceiling and can no longer learn anything new on a subject matter; it is impossible to be an expert.

Consider this my humbled way to share with you, what I’ve learned.

Well my dear friend, I leave you with this- Inspire others, Train yourself, Success will come!


Truly yours,


Arlene Peña

Social Media Advocate

DigiGo- a KPA Company



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